Saturday, July 31, 2010

Party Time

Last night we hosted a party for a few friends at the split level. Here are some highlights from the evening.

Shaun and I went to Hardee's before the party got started. It had been about 20 years since either one of us had visited a Hardee's, but we were watching TV and a commercial for their new hand breaded chicken fingers came on. Well, the advertising worked, because before we knew it, there we were in Hardee's snacking on some chicken and curly fries. The chicken was not great, but the fries were fantastic. Overall, I wouldn't miss Hardee's if we don't go back for another 20 years.
A little later in the evening, Wes hooked us up with a truckload of snow. He drives the Zamboni at a local ice skating rink, so all we had to do was drive over and shovel after the 9:15 cut. We all had a fun, although wet, time with a snowball fight.
After the snowball fight, karaoke was quite popular. I worked on my singing and dance moves, which honestly, could use some improvement. The gentlemen seemed to enjoy trying on moustaches as well.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crafting Again

I've been using my time the past couple of weeks to make a few items that will be making their way into my etsy shop. Business has been very slow the past year, probably because I'm not desperate for the money like I was in grad school. That's made me a little lazy when it comes to crafting. I do still enjoy my felt stash, though, so I got back to it.
I think these daisy pincushions are quite cute. I would like to make more in different colors.
I got started early on a few Christmas stockings. I usually sell a few. I especially like the hot pink bow one.
It's a little late for goals for the week, so here are accomplishments for the week.
- The sump pump backup was installed yesterday, a pricey little thing, but totally worth the peace of mind.
- Read a book like a crazy, possessed woman who couldn't put it down.
- Hosting a party tomorrow evening. Stop by!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun Surprise

Yesterday Joshua surprised me with a lovely bouquet of flowers. How fun! The bunch includes lillies, hydrangeas, a gerbera daisy, irises, and liatris to name a few. I think tables look so cheerful with a fesh flower arrangement in the center.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Days

Yesterday Shaun and I headed out to check out a couple of open houses in Morton. They weren't what we were looking for, but on the way home, we did find something that we always love: local ice cream. Linda the GPS lead us right to Bob's Dairy Dream in East Peoria, and Bob didn't disappoint. I was adventurous and tried cotton candy, which was surprisingly delicious.

This summer we have been quite busy frequenting new ice cream places, including Theo's on Sterling and the Ice Cream Shack, somewhere in the ghetto. It's always fun to try new places.

Other fun news for the weekend: I bought a small camera to keep in my purse. It's always a bit of a hassle to drag along the giant Nikon, despite the lovely pictures it produces. Now that I have a camera to keep in my purse, hopefully I will be better about taking pictures.

Goals for this week:

- Get the ball rolling for the sump pump backup system.

- Take my car in for a recall fix.

- Investigate some private practice issues and insurance.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hot Air Balloonless Festival

My parents have been attending balloon festivals throughout the state for over a decade now, with the hopes of seeing a fantastic ascent. In all that time, no balloons. Apparently they are extremely picky about weather conditions. Even the slightest breeze will cancel the show. Last night we headed on out to Chillicothe to try our luck at another festival. I've been dreaming about some lovely balloon photography framed for the guest room. Picture it: bright colored balloons on a beautiful blue sky background with a few wispy clouds completing the photo. Despite my parents' unsuccessful trips in the past, I was confident that I would come home with my much-desired pictures.

After buying tickets and driving 25 minutes out there, we set up our lawn chairs next to the big field, waiting for the magic to begin. It was about 95 degrees and horrible, but I was still optimistic. We waited. Then we waited some more. No luck. Only one balloon even bothered to show up to pretend that there might be a show. The rest knew they wouldn't be lifting off and never made an appearance. What a scam! Thousands of people were disappointed, because let me tell you, a bounce house, belly dancers, and a snow cone are not enough to make the $8 ticket price worthwhile.
Where does this leave me? Instead of whimsical balloon pictures, my guest room will now feature photos of my family looking annoyed, waiting for nothing.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Going for a Ride

Wednesday and Thursday I took a little road trip to Alton to visit my forever friend. I hadn't seen her since spring break, so it was high time we met up. Activities for my visit included eating Mexican, lounging in the pool, shopping for a swim suit, making lemon meringue pie, and general catching up and chatting.

We had a great time, and it reminded me once again how lucky I am to have a great job that affords me the time to do fun things during the summer.

Other updates for the week:

The garbage disposal seems to not be leaking anymore. I'm not holding my breath, though.

The sewing projects are ongoing.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Summer Weekend

It seems like my summer weeks and weekends are flying by! This past weekend was spent repainting the main bathroom. I was really done with the green, and the new tan looks much more serene. It seems that I'm painting everything tan these days; so much for bold splashy colors. Another effort of the weekend was again figuring out why the new garbage disposal is again leaking. The gentleman will be coming back for the third time tomorrow. Really? It's a garbage disposal. Can it be that big of a challenge to get right?

Saturday night, Shaun, Joshua, and I ventured out to the Heart of Illinois Fair. I noticed the fair grounds on my way to work at the nursing home on Friday, and I was very curious. It turned out to be a very nice night to be out, and we took full advantage with chainsaw carving, horse racing, cheese fries, games, and a ride on the tilt-a-whirl.

I also sang in church on Sunday. It was quite a relaxed service and nice to see everyone. After church we were at Grandma Norma's for a couple of hours to chat before Shaun and I drove back to Peoria.

Goals for this week:

Get the disposal fixed for good.

Start and finish a couple small sewing projects.

Visit my forever friend and Springfield in-laws on Wednesday and Thursday. Hope they can spare some time for me!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Celebration Weekend

We stayed busy over the holiday weekend. Hope you did too!

Friday and Saturday were spent in Monticello visiting Joshua's grandparents, dad, step-mother, and brother and sisters. It had been quite a long time since we made that trip, so it was nice to see everyone. We made it to all of Monticello's 4th of July festivities, including opening of the new swimming pool, parade, and fireworks.

Sunday, Shaun came up with a lovely grilled dinner. She supplied all of the food and preparation, and I supplied the grill. I love it when she does the dinner thinking. The menu included spicy chicken kabobs, grilled corn with sweet and spicy butter, grilled flatbread, and a little salad for good measure. All the recipes were a success and will be made again.

Yesterday, Shaun and I were adventurous and drove up to Aurora to the outlet mall and to another mall in Naperville. Linda the GPS got us there in a very roundabout fashion, but we got there and had a lovely time. There were lots of crowds but sales to make up for it. Sometimes it's just fun to get out and see what else is going on.

Today I'm off to Orion to visit my parents and practice with Jane for special music on Sunday. I've done special music in church every summer since about 6th grade. I would feel bad stopping now.

Goals for the week:

- Figure out why the brand new, professionaly installed garbage disposal is leaking.
- Paint the main bathroom and get the trim reinstalled.
- Call again about a deck permit.