Monday, January 31, 2011

Terrariums and Toto

Over the weekend, Shaun and I finally put together our much-anticipated terrariums. After shopping for the perfect containers, we settled on these simple ones that offered the most space balanced with a reasonable overall size.
We found out very quickly that these jars fill up fast! Our plans to put three plant varieties in each jar had to be scaled down. The reddish plant in the regular pot was much too tall for a lidded jar, but too cute to just abandon. The pink/red plant and fuzzy fern look quite nice together, and the other is a shade-loving one that Shaun will enjoy in her office at work.

Overall, a fun project, even if they didn't turn out quite as we thought they would.

The other weekend event was the annual ladies' luncheon at church in my hometown. The theme was Hooray for Hollywood, which left plenty of room for creativity, fun, and fancy dresses. Each table was decorated in a movie theme. Mom's table was decorated to portray the Wizard of Oz, and I sang Over the Rainbow as part of the entertainment. I've been singing at the church since fourth grade, so it's always fun to go back. (And yes, the poster I'm standing next to features my picture and information. Candice is too sweet!) Both grandma's were able to attend, which was also nice. Fun weekend! Now on to snow that might be measured in feet rather than inches. My goodness, I'm ready for spring.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Derby Time!

Saturday night, Shaun and I were in the front row at the Civic Center for the Peoria Push Derby Dames' second ever bout. It was a double-header vs. McLean County and the Quad Cities. So fun, and great seats! By chance we sat next to Paula Bunyan's family (holding several poster board axes) and Dottie B. Rotten's family. They are two of the best Derby Dames, and it was quite exciting to be in their cheering section. You can't stop the chop!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Now That's Lucky

Joshua and I attended his cousin's wedding on Saturday. I couldn't resist this photo opportunity in the hotel's lobby. Made me smile.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Feliz Ano Nuevo!

2010 treated me quite well. Here are the highlights.

Last spring I discovered my love of flower garden design and tending. What a relaxing thing to do outside in the sunshine. I also finished my clinical fellowship year, allowing me to earn my certificate of clinical competence, a goal I've been working toward for seven years. In May, Shaun and I took a road trip up to the suburbs with the help of Linda the GPS and a new i pass. We snagged lots of deals at the outlet mall and had a fun time being adventurous (for us).

The summer brought my first summer vacation as a worker in the school system. I spent many hours relaxing by the pool, crafting in my favorite sewing room, and being ladies who lunch with Shaun. (why do teachers complain about their jobs?) I also found a part time job at a nursing home. I'm really proud of myself for getting out there and trying something new. It turned out to be a great experience. Joshua and I spent a week in Wisconsin with his grandparents, which is always a relaxing time. As the years go by, we imagine more clearly and hope more strongly that we'll be able to continue this type of lifestyle on our own.

I began my second year working in Dunlap schools at the end of August. Despite many new challenges and an extremely diverse caseload, I'm happy with my job. I feel confident doing what I do, and it's nice to feel that way.

Another bright spot of the fall was the birth of my first niece baby, Ava Lee on September 19th. She is a lovely little thing, and Joshua and I are going to work hard to be her favorite uncle and aunt. We have lots of competition!

During 2010 we also began seriously considering where we will be after residency. Joshua has been on a couple interviews, with some disappointments and some optimistic possibilities. We're excited to make an official decision in 2011.

Other events to look forward to in 2011 include finding a new job, another fantastic Labor Day party, a probable trip to a lovely beach in April, and more sales in my etsy shop.

Happy new year!