Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year!

I'm watching the snow blow by out my window this afternoon and thinking about the old and new years.  2014 was such a nice year (even if the snow is reminding me of the never-ending winter right now!).  It was a year to get out and do things!  Forrest was ready for adventure, and so were we!

We took several trips including our annual trip to Wisconsin, a first trip to visit Kati and Ryan, and quick trips to St. Louis and Branson, MO.  Forrest and I spent time at Poppy and Gigi's, and Joshua stayed busy with his projects.  His store underwent a name change.  They are now called Titan Games, and they are busy!  Their sales exceeded expectations in 2014, and now they are in the process of training a new store manager so Mark can pursue medicine in the future.  They're also looking into adding more stores under their name.  Apparently a nerd empire is the goal!

Besides staying busy with his shop, Joshua continued to work a lot, taking on many weekend shifts at a prompt care in Peoria.  It's hard to turn down the money when we would like to be done with our student loans!  He doesn't seem to mind the work, and several times, Forrest and I tagged along to visit Shaun.

2014 was a comfortable year in our home.  We got out and enjoyed Monticello often.  We spent too much time at the Dairy Queen, and visited grandparents and great-grandparents regularly.  We attended our Montessori sessions, and I can say now that I've jumped in completely.  I like Montessori philosophies and ideas, and I hope Forrest can continue with a Montessori preschool program next fall.

Yes, we are very comfortable here, but it seems that it's time for us to have a new adventure.  A few weeks ago, Joshua made the decision to leave his job here in Monticello as of the end of March; I support his choice.  So, he's now busy interviewing... a lot.  He has a couple of great offers, and we're hoping to make a decision in the next few weeks.  It seems that 2015 will be marked by change again, a house to sell, a rental to find, and new routines to build.  I'm praying for an open and flexible mind; change has never been my best skill.  I'm optimistic that we will be happy and settled in before long.

Other events to look forward to include Kati and Ryan's wedding in April and Forrest's third birthday.

Welcome 2015!