Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wisconsin 2015

Last week we made the drive up to Wisconsin for a little relaxation in the sun.  With the promise of a lovely day and driving made easier during sleep time, we left at two in the morning!  We were in our suits and enjoying the water by lunch.

This year proved to be an eventful trip.  Forrest wasn't very interested in the water due to a current dislike of wet swim trunks - he's a skinny-dipper at heart.  However, he had plenty of fun on the trampoline, playing with Grandma's appliances, and even on the boat for some short rides.  Joshua and I had plenty of time to soak up some sunshine.  It was such a wet June in Illinois, that we haven't been outside nearly as much as we would like.

Besides beach time, Joshua looked at a few lake houses both on his grandparents' lake and on the neighboring lake.  He's had a dream in his heart for decades of owning his very own place up there, and it seems that things are coming together for him.  A couple of months ago, during a moment of frustration over our Peoria house search, he changed his search to Wisconsin.  A new little house had just come on the market on Whitefish Lake, just down the road from his grandparents and his favorite lake in the area.  The house is small, two bedrooms and one bath, but completely remodeled and beautiful with lovely lake views.  If all goes smoothly, it will be ours at the beginning of September.  Yes, I'm still shaking my head that we're buying a vacation house before we buy a year-round house, but when opportunity knocks...  Joshua is thrilled.

14848 S Whitefish Lake Rd, Gordon, WI 54838 - MLS#: 889418
14848 S Whitefish Lake Rd, Gordon, WI 54838 - MLS#: 889418
So, we're buying a lake house and still looking for a home here in Peoria.  I'm trying to be patient, but failing most days.  We're struggling with wanting an older, established neighborhood with trees and a central location but not wanting to do much remodeling.  We're just not very handy people.  The search continues.