Monday, June 8, 2015

Professional Pics!

Photos from Kati and Ryan's lovely day are in, and I've finally chosen my favorites.  Blessings to Kati and Ryan as they begin their married life!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I've been away!

Since my last post following Kati's wedding, things have been busy!  Really busy!  We're not used to that...

The first weekend in May we moved to Peoria.  Joshua had been commuting to his new job for a month, so it was time to go.  Our Monticello house sold on May 5, and we currently live in a rental house in our old neighborhood with lots of shade trees and hills for coasting.  It's fine for now, but we are busy looking for something to call our own.  This seems to be a bit of a challenge.

Throughout May, Forrest and I did our best to be in Monticello during the week for school.  I hate not finishing things I start.  I say we did our best, because, unfortunately, we had many sick days.  I had a rough patch and Forrest had at least two.  We finally got him in to see an ENT, and he's scheduled to have his adenoids and tonsils out mid June.  I'm feeling nervous about this but am so hopeful that we can put behind the fevers, sinusitis, ear infections, snoring, constant drainage, and sleep apnea we've been dealing with since Christmas.

Our final day of school was last Thursday, with a family picnic on Saturday.  How we will miss all of our friends!  I've shed some tears.  It really was a lovely year.  Forrest's teacher, Heather, has made such a positive impact on our lives over the past two years.  What a lucky chance meeting we had on a walk so long ago.  This fall, Forrest will continue at Peoria Montessori School in a primary program five days a week.  Yikes!  How can my little boy be nearly three-years-old already?

During the month of June, we don't have too much planned.  Forrest and I will keep busy enjoying the ease of access of Peoria that I missed in Monticello.  Joshua is working a lot but really seems to like his new job.  Here's hoping for peace and joy in our household throughout the summer.