Friday, September 23, 2016

9 Months

Another delightful month spent with Charlotte has passed.  Each time I think this little girl can't be more pleasant, there she is warming our hearts again.

During the past month, Charlotte has gotten to be a chatty girl (finally)!  She babbles with /d/ and /g/ sounds, and we are thrilled!  She isn't breaking any speech records, but we don't care.  Patient growth we can do.

Charlotte has also learned to crawl, fast, and decided that maybe she will be a standing girl, too.  She's slowly (and now the last few days not so slowly) pulling up and not tumbling down immediately.  She continues to enjoy trying new foods, lightly toasted bread with cream cheese or peanut butter are current favorites.  Other favorites right now are all things Forrest is doing, swinging in the garage, licking and munching everything in sight, and throwing fits when it's time to change her diaper.

What a little sweetie she is!

In other news, I just arrived back from Orlando after three days and four nights.  What!?  I can't believe I just typed that!  Joshua had, and is still attending, a medical conference, and I joined him for a vacation at the Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort.  Oh my, that place is amazing!  Great weather, fantastic pool, lots of delicious food.  We so enjoyed our time!  A huge thank you to my mom for caring for Forrest and Charlotte.  What a blessing to vacation and know they are being so well-cared for.  I missed them but didn't worry a bit.  Another thank you to Charlotte for being a good little sleeper.  Quite often these days she will do an 11 hour stretch with barely a peep.  We never could have imagined that with Forrest at 8 or 9 months!