Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Two Years Old!

We're celebrating Forrest's second birthday this week.  As is the tradition in my family, we're spreading out the fun to last all week (and more!).  What can I say about my little Foo-ha (his self-given nickname)?  What joy he brings to our world!

At two, Forrest still enjoys every kitchen gadget with a cord, with his true-love being the Kitchenaid mixer.  Every day when Daddy comes home from work, he asks if we can make cookies.  This favorite activity inspires Forrest to use three and even four-word phrases!  Even when not making cookies, he often can be found toting around the mixing bowl, cover, paddle, whisk, and dough hook.  He is an expert at all things related to the mixer.

Another passion of Forrest's is tools.  He loves them all and is my best helper.  Seriously, he knows how to use the Kreg Jig (love that thing!).  Forrest is skilled at using all screwdrivers, and careful attention is needed to make sure he's not dismantling anything important (like door hinges).

Forrest loves spending time with his favorite people.  Rough-housing with Daddy is still a favorite, along with playing hiding games.  We Facetime with Gigi each morning, and often Poppy joins in, too.  Forrest loves spending time with Poppy and Gigi and knows he is their favorite.  We also are blessed to be able to visit Forrest's grandparents and great grandparents here in Monticello regularly.  He helps himself to both grandma's mixers anytime we stop by.

Forrest's favorite place to visit right now is Dairy Queen.  This little boy loves ice cream!  He asks for it by name, and it's the only thing he's reluctant to share.  The ladies who work there know us and are quite charmed by him (yes, we go there too often!).

Speaking of charming, this little boy is adorable.  He has a smile that I can't resist and a personality to match.   He is able to focus on tasks of interest for long periods of time and amazes me with his memory.  He can be stubborn but always has a purpose.  We're just beginning to see him pushing limits and testing boundaries.  I don't mind a bit (usually); it's a joy to see his brain grow and work.  Our days together are a blessing.  How lucky we are to have spent two years with our little boy!