Monday, June 24, 2013

10 Months!

Getting closer to the one-year birthday, where has the time gone?

(The three Forrests)


Things we have learned this month:

Forrest's speech is finally starting to get on track.  He says "all done" and "dada" and is finally babbling with frequent consonants.  I won't says he's a chatty kid, but definitely some huge steps the past month.

Baby food, no more!  This stubborn little boy refuses to be fed.  He wants to feed himself with fingers or his little utensils and will not open his mouth for a spoon.  (He does make exceptions for ice cream...)  So, meal times have been a bit challenging the past couple of weeks.  He's still not great at chewing, and it seems that he is quite picky about what he wants.  For now, he's eating cubed and steamed sweet potatoes, rice crackers with cream cheese, grilled cheese, puffs, and Cheerios.  Sometimes he'll let me help him with a spoon to eat some yogurt.  Goodness, this little boy has ideas of his own!

Loves the pool!  I never dreamed he would like it, given the noise and crowd, but he loves it!  We've been three times now.

Forrest walked a few steps a couple of weeks ago, but now that he knows we're trying to get him to do it, he's not interested.  Did I mention stubborn?  There is no convincing this boy of anything he doesn't decide on his own :0)

Loves to "help" with all chores.  Hopefully this lasts about 17 more years.  He wants to get in the dishwasher, open and close the dryer, fold the clothes, and run the Swiffer.  Too funny.

Love this little boy!