Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snap-on Blanket Details

After mentioning Forrest's snap-on blanket in my last post, details were requested, and I'm happy to fill you in!

The blanket is two layers, one cotton and one fleece and measures about 20 inches square.  I added four snaps (hard to see in the pictures because they are white).  Two are on Forrest's shoulder blades near his armpits, and two are on his lower hips (not too far down, so his legs aren't restricted).  His feet do stick out the bottom of the blanket a couple of inches, but he doesn't seem to mind.  I added snaps to the backs of all of his pajamas, and he's set.  He moves and rolls all around his crib, and the blanket stays nicely in place.  Diaper changes are not impacted by the blanket, and it's easily removed in the mornings.  It's quite a simple invention, but he really does seem more cozy with it on.  I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner!  The next one I make for the spring will be a little larger and will use flannel instead of fleece for the warmer weather.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Six Months!

Half way through our first year together!  How did that happen?

 (Did I really think a piece of paper was going to be less distracting than the iPad?)

Yesterday was Forrest's six month check-up, and I'm happy to report that he is a healthy little boy. His height seems to be catching up with his weight (now in the 75th and 95th percentiles, respectively).

Things we learned this month:

Walkers are too much fun!  Fun for Forrest for exploring and fun for his parents to watch him move around and discover things like the lazy susan, pantry, and other corners of the first floor.

Sleeping seems to be going a bit better.  He has finally been weaned off of his second night bottle.  Everyone kept telling me that he would just magically sleep through and miss it one day.  Ummmm, I don't think so.  Who wouldn't want to get up and have a snack with me?  So, by decreasing his bottle .5 ounces every third day, we did it, and he doesn't miss it all.  At this point, Forrest is getting up once to eat and wakes about two other times during the night.  We're making progress!

Snap-on blanket invention!  Since the beginning, I've felt bad that Forrest can't have a blanket.  I don't put him in sleep sacks; I think they look like death traps, keeping babies' legs tangled up.  So, I dressed him in layers and kept the space heater running, but he still looked cold.  Finally, it came to me, if a blanket was small enough and snapped to his pajamas, there would be no suffocation hazard.  So, I grabbed some fleece, stitched a small blanket and added snaps to the blanket and the backs of his pajamas, and done!  He looks so much cozier and sleeps in a more relaxed position (not as scrunched into a ball, trying to keep warm).  Rest assured, no part of the blanket can reach his face :0)

Sitting up!  It seems like one day it just clicked.  The day before he needed support to sit without falling over, and then he didn't.  It's pretty fun to leave him on the carpet with toys, go to wash dishes for a couple of minutes, and then return to him still sitting and playing.

Still loving all things wild - being swung around and tossed on the bed and being put upside down by Daddy.

Peek-a-boo is a sure way to get a smile.

It was time to pack up the newborn toys including the bird mobile, swing, and Boppy seat.  Although Forrest was still having fun with them (kicking over the mobile while under it, pushing the swing from his walker, and wiggling out of the Boppy seat as quickly as possible), cousin Abby's baby is due soon and will probably enjoy these things for their intended use.

Let's see what month seven has in store for us!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Going Visiting

Joshua was in Arizona for a few days attending a rural healthcare conference, so Forrest and I took advantage of some time in Orion with Poppy and Gigi.  We spent a relaxing four days just hanging out, visiting with aunts and grandmas, and eating far too many Dove chocolates (I was on vacation, right?).

Dad and I also started working on a project that I'm very excited about.  Since moving to Monticello, my sewing area has been in our bedroom.  There is plenty of space, but the card table and mess are a bit unsightly (though the entire room is a mess at the moment, and for the past several moments...).  So, finding some inspiration on the internet, I've roped Dad into helping me transform a vintage armoire into a sewing cabinet.  Once it's done, it will feature a fold-in table, plenty of storage, and light, all contained on one good-looking piece of furniture, neat and cute when put away and very handy when in use.  I'm excited!  I really need to take some "before" pictures before we get too far on the project.

Here are a few pictures from our trip.