Tuesday, April 23, 2013

8 Months!

Here we are with an eight-month-old.  Very exciting :0)

Things we have learned and notables of this month:

Crawling - for real, stomach off the floor!

Teeth - two crooked little teeth in the front on bottom.  

Cruising around quite dangerously on anything that appears may support him in a standing position.  

Toilets are both delicious and entertaining.  Seriously, I have trouble pulling him away.

Turning on the bathtub and playing with the vacuum are delightful pastimes.  (How far we've come that no longer does the sound of the vacuum result in crying, but rather chasing me down to try to climb on when I'm using it!)

First trip to the store riding in the basket.  He loves it - a bird's-eye view and ride all in one!

On to month nine!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Catch Up!

I wanted to share a few pictures from the past couple of weeks (they've been busy!).  

Lena, always so thoughtful, planned a delightful surprise hen-do party for Shaun before her wedding in two weeks.  Kati was a surprise visitor, as well as several of Shaun's college friends.  It was a nice evening of hair, makeup, snacks, and chatting.  

Want to know something funny about taking a picture from behind?  Your instinct is still to smile :0)

Then it was on to Easter festivities.  Our little family made it to church in Orion and then to Aunt Kathy's for a late brunch.  

This past weekend, we were back in Orion for Forrest's baptism (an exhausting event, apparently).  I made his little vest and shorts, and I was quite happy with how they turned out.  I wish the pictures were better :0)  Mom hosted lunch for Grandma, Grandma and Grandpa, Shaun, and Bill afterwards.  

This weekend we are spending some time relaxing, with a possible trip to Springfield.  Hopefully the weather warms up and brightens up a bit.  I'm ready for spring!