Friday, December 28, 2012

Four Months!


Forrest's fourth month was a memorable one.  This little boy is developing such a sweet personality.  He smiles and laughs easily, especially when his mother is being goofy.  (I'll take advantage of him thinking I'm amusing while I can.)

He is definitely not a night person.  The last hour before bedtime can be a grumpy one, whereas mornings he wakes up smiling and ready to play.  And playing, he does.  During his fourth month, Forrest began to actually play with things.  Before, he liked looking at things, like his bird mobile, and would reach for things, but this month, he has really started playing with toys.  It's very fun to watch him develop in this way.

Forrest has also learned how to turn board book pages.  Around the beginning of the month, he started.  Joshua didn't believe me, but after seeing this little boy turn pages consistently and with so much attention, he was amazed.  Yes, a brilliant baby :0)

Another important change was my choice to get rid of the pacifier.  About three weeks ago around 2:00 AM after getting up to Forrest's cries to put the thing back in his mouth for about the fourth time that night, I was done.  So, crabby me made him quit, cold turkey.  It was a rough few days, and putting him down for naps can still be a struggle, but it was a good choice.  Immediately he started sleeping more consistently and peacefully.  Now, he is still up at 12:00 AM and 4:00 AM to eat, but usually he sleeps between feedings.  What a relief for me!  Hopefully during his fifth month he moves to one feeding a night.  A girl can dream, right?

More to come on the Christmas festivities later this week :0)