Monday, February 17, 2014

Phase One - Complete!

In our house in Peoria, I was spoiled by an entire sewing room!  Here in Monticello, my sewing room is also my bedroom.  So, after moving two summers ago, I began thinking of how to store and use my sewing supplies.  The junky folding table mess wasn't really working for me.  So, after looking around online, I decided a sewing armoire was in order.  I searched Craigslist for a few weeks and came upon the perfect thing...
Okay, the style is exactly what I had in mind, and even the goldish-green works with the new room decor.  (I won't promise that it will remain this color for the rest of my life.)

After roping dear, old Dad into the project, a plan was formed to remove some inner drawers and add a self-storing, fold-down table.  We got a good start, but then Forrest began getting craftier about snagging things he shouldn't from the current folding table situation.  Time was of the essence for getting the armoire ready.  Mom and Dad brought it several weeks ago, and I've been busy transforming the inside.  

Love it!  Plenty of storage for all the necessities and looks really cute!  Junky folding table be gone!  And, most importantly, child lock is installed, much to Forrest's disappointment.  (The kid loves scissors.)  So, the plan is to add the fold-down table when we can.  No rush.  And really, if I'm being honest, I've started thinking of a pull-out, drawer-style surface instead.  I think it would be less cumbersome and wouldn't cover up the cute like the table would.  We'll see.  Dad and I (mostly Dad) have already spent significant time designing and working on the table part.  

Now, on to the rest of the bedroom.  

It's been done for awhile, but I've been a lazy blogger, as you know.  The headboard is a Dad and Mandi original.  Dang, Scott-o, what would I do without you?  I do love a good project :0)  

I've got no projects in the hopper at the moment, but I do want to share that for Valentine's Day, my sweet husband got me a Kreg Jig!  I've wanted one of these gadgets forever, and a few projects have been passed up due to the lack of this tool.  So, let the carpentry begin!