Thursday, December 17, 2015

Forrest Update

It's probably just me, but it seems that it's been awhile since we just had a nice Forrest post.  (Yeah, it's just me...)

Forrest continues to grow and learn in ways that make us smile daily.  He's been at the Montessori School since the end of August, and though he would still rather stay home, he's comfortable there.  I had the opportunity to observe him at work a few weeks ago, which was so nice.  I miss seeing him at school after being his toddler classroom assistant in Monticello.
Here he is working on matching sandpaper letters, his current passion.  After over two years of kitchen appliance love, he has moved on to letters and numbers.  He's consumed!

Besides becoming quite the scholar, Forrest's speech skills are finally beginning to clear up.  My goodness, he's kept me waiting such a long time!  Within the last two months I've had his hearing tested and his speech and language screened.  His hearing is normal, and besides a couple of remaining odd-ball speech errors, he's doing so well.  So, here's to being patient and trusting of the development he is doing. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Five Weeks!

And here we are, December 1, with five weeks to go until Charlotte Rose arrives, or so we think.  Babies have minds of their own; I did learn that lesson well with Forrest.  Since moving into our new house at the end of September, we've been busily and happily settling in.  Things are starting to move into the comfortably "done" stage, I think.  There are projects I would like to do still, but nothing feels missing, really.  After six weeks of no furniture in the living room, our new couch, chair, and la-z-boy recliner arrived.  We are comfortable!  And just this morning, I finished things up in Charlotte's room.  Here are a few pictures.
Yes, a twin mattress on the floor in addition to the crib (Aunt Kathy's this time around) was a must.  Too many nights trying to doze in the chair in Forrest's room made that an easy decision.  Also, it was great being done with Forrest's crib at an early age.  Hopefully we can transition to the low bed early with Charlotte as well. Traveling is so much easier when we aren't dependent on cribs.
 Ah, the blue chair!  I love it!  Before I graduated college a hundred years ago, Mom and Grandma got two of these chairs and the ottoman at an auction for five dollars.  I reupholstered them in ivory, and we've enjoyed them since.  Well, eight years later, the ivory was looking rough, so something new was in order.  I must say, redoing the chair and ottoman (the other chair is still ivory and in Forrest's room), was a project, and not really my favorite, but I do love the result.

Thanks to cousin Abby, Charlotte's closet is full, and the little wooden hangers make me smile every time I see them!  Yes, I think we're as ready as we're going to be for this next chapter.  Hoping the next few weeks pass smoothly!