Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Joshua's 30th birthday (30, I know!) was last week.  We celebrated with some friends on Saturday in the only way we know how - with lots of pizza.  Yes, indeed, we had Papa Del's, Filippo's, and Pizza Hut bread sticks.  The evening was topped off with a Dairy Queen cake.  We're predictable at this house, but we know what we like.

Happy birthday, Joshua.  I hope this next year is the best yet!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

One Month!

Where has the time gone?  Our little Forrest is a month old, and we're finally getting the hang of this thing (sort of).

Memorable moments:
- Smiles becoming more frequent.

- Changing formula - We now have a much happier baby!

- Newborn onesies getting snug.

- Packing up to go to Labor Day - stressful but accomplished.

Things we've learned:
- What's ideal may not be reality, and that's okay.

- Cribs are overrated.

- Cloth diapers are overrated (though we haven't given up hope just yet).

- It is possible to get all house chores done while wearing a baby in a Moby wrap.  (Did I mention thank goodness for Moby wrap?!)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Long and Short

So the last three weeks have been the shortest and longest of my life.  Looking back, I can't believe that three weeks have past since the arrival of Forrest.  It's hard to believe, yet it seems that he's been here forever.  I can't imagine not having him.

Things we have learned in the last three weeks:

- Thank heavens for the Moby Wrap sling, or I would get absolutely nothing done around the house.  It seems that my adorable son will not be content unless being held... around the clock.  We're working on getting some things figured out that will hopefully make him more comfortable (read - scream less!).  Until then, we're spending lots of quality time together :0)

- Small victories, such as completing a load of laundry should be celebrated.

- Being a mom really was a good choice.  I love my little boy, despite the fact that he is the neediest  thing at the moment!

 (First, and only, independent nap, lasted exactly 21 minutes.  It was great!)