Sunday, September 16, 2018

Happy First Birthday!

We celebrated Jonathan's first birthday on Friday.  We were so happy to have family over for dinner on the driveway.  There was plenty of food and lots of smiles.  We love our little boy!


No thank you to the birthday cupcake.  Please pass another chicken tender!  Seriously, wouldn't do more than squish his cake.  What a goof.  

At one year old, Jonathan has taken his first steps.  He is so proud to walk short distances, usually from a piece of furniture to me or Joshua.  He has five teeth, with the sixth coming any day.  He is getting to be a better sleeper, usually just one fit during the night and up at 5:00 to eat.  We're getting there!  He's still the happiest boy you've ever met.  He loves to laugh and has a delightful sense of humor.  He and Forrest are buddies; hope that lasts!  He loves to be outside; coming in usually inspires some protests.  His favorite foods continue to be yogurt, ice cream, and toast.  Maybe some day he will eat fruit and vegetables?

Yes, it's been a year of growing and learning for all.  There's something about a baby's first year that makes some moments last an eternity, yet months pass by in a blink.  It's hard to understand how that works.  With that said, we're certainly a comfortable and happy group.  What a blessed family we are!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

6 Years Old!

Last week we celebrated with Forrest as he turned six.  Wow! 

Forrest has grown so much the past year.  Right now I'm struggling with what to say about our smart, thoughtful, goofy, stubborn, not-so-little-anymore boy!  We love so much about him!  We love that he knows nearly every country name, location, and flag in this world.  We love that he can give us accurate directions to nearly any spot in Peoria.  Yes, Forrest's visual-spatial skills and organization are amazing and astound us often.  He's also turned into quite the reader over the past several months.  His passion right now is Berenstain Bears books.  He loves them!  Yes, Forrest's mind makes us so proud. 

We're also so proud of the kind and compassionate boy he is.  He is so sweet to Jonathan, trying to teach him new skills and cheering him on as he learns.  He often translates for Charlotte if I'm not understanding her.  He thinks about his friends and enjoys his time with them.  He still gives me a big hug before bed and usually wants me to lay by him for a few minutes.  Then it's bittersweet to remember little toddler Forrest and little baby Forrest. 

Yes, my Forrest is growing so quickly, beginning his Kindergarten year in his Montessori classroom.  We're so excited for all he will do during the upcoming year. 
Party with friends at Glen Oak Park.  His cake had a Robin Hood decoration on top.  It has been his favorite movie for a long time now!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

11 Months

Little J. Scott is 11 months!  What else can be said about this happy little boy that I haven't been saying for the past 11 months?  Jonathan brings such joy to our family with his sweet disposition, joy, smiles, and laughter.  During the past month, he has continues to grow and develop his adorable little personality.  He still loves Mommy the best, but Forrest and Daddy are favorites as well.  He and Charlotte seem to get in each other's way!

Sleep can still be a challenge for Jonathan.  Yep, I'm still feeding him each night and telling him to go back to sleep at least one other time, but we're doing okay.  He and I have graduated from our basement bedroom up to the main floor, and he is now able to put himself to sleep in the evenings and often for naps without big fits.  We'll take progress as it comes!

Besides spending time with me, Jonathan's favorites include playing silly games with Forrest, eating macaroni and cheese, taking baths with Charlotte, and playing in the sandbox. 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

10 Months and a Vacation

It seems that I'm still getting caught up from our two week adventure to Wisconsin earlier in the month.  During our trip, Jonathan turned 10 months old!  What a big boy he's getting to be!

During the past month, Jonathan has continued to be the smiling baby of our home.  Our family is blessed daily by his sunny disposition.  Jonathan's current favorites include yogurt, Toasted crackers with cream cheese, sipping water and milk from a cup, trashing rolls of toilet paper, cruising along the edge of the couch, and chasing his siblings while Daddy holds him.  His dislikes are watching me leave a room, sleeping at night (although he has improved a bit, and he and I have graduated from sleeping in the basement), and long car rides.

During the past month, I've gotten pretty good at getting Jonathan into the backpack style carrier.  It's a hit!  I wish I would have tried this with Forrest and Charlotte.  

While I'm here, I'll toss up a few of our favorite Wisconsin pictures.  This year was truly a memorable trip.  We had great weather, enjoyed our house and boat on Whitefish Lake (and the new air conditioner), spent time with Grandma, and relaxed as much as a family with three young children can.  

Joshua and Forrest are headed back up in a week for a "man trip."  It looks like my dad may even join for a couple of days this year.  That will mark the end of summer, but not the end of fun for us.  On the horizon, we have a 6-year-old birthday party, a first birthday, and a possible trip to Adventureland.  Can't stop the excitement!

Friday, June 15, 2018

9 Months

Here were are at nine months old!  The past four weeks have been all about moving and pulling up.  Jonathan has changed from a scooter to a crawler and from a tummy boy to a standing boy.  It's so fun to watch, and be ready to save him at all times, of course.  Jonathan loves standing at the window, dishwasher, art easel, freezer, little table, and my legs.  Other favorites from this past month include laughing with Forrest and grabbing whatever Charlotte has.  Yes, he loves his brother and sister.

Besides gaining motor skills, Jonathan's language skills are expanding.  He has gotten great at babbling, and he has his first words!  What a thrilled mama I am!  He says mama (mamama) and no (nahnahnah).  I think he also might say done, but I'm not sure just yet. 

Yes, we continue to enjoy our time with this growing baby (21 pounds now!), and he seems to enjoy what we are doing, too.  All of us have been having fun playing in our little pool, in the sprinkler, walking the neighborhood, and digging in the sandbox.  We love summer!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

8 Months

J. Scott has turned 8 months old!  During the past weeks, he has decided that he's a boy on the move.  He is constantly pushing the limits of his scooting and climbing skills.  He loves pulling up to his knees and bouncing.  He can crawl but still prefers to scoot on his tummy.  (That's so much faster!) 

For a few days Jonathan was babbling with /d/ and /b/ but seems to be over that.  Why, oh why, do my children get to speech and language milestones in their own time? 

What else is new?  One little tooth has poked through! 

The rest seems to be the same, one happy boy who loves to smile, laugh, play, spend time with family, and be up all through the night. 

We love him!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wisconsin Dells

Last weekend we hopped in the van for our 2nd annual trip to the Wisconsin Dells with Poppy, Gigi, Shaun, Bill, and Will.  We once again stayed at the Great Wolf water park and had a great time!  This year Forrest was old enough to be very independent in the water, though he did still want to spend a lot of time with Gigi.  They've been buddies for a long time now.  Charlotte had so much fun in the kiddie areas, splashing and floating.  Jonathan wasn't too sure about the water but was very happy to just be held and watch the action.

 Paul Bunyan's restaurant for breakfast is a childhood memory of Poppy's.  We weren't disappointed.  All-you-can-eat, family-style is the way to go!  I was a little sad that there was no souvenir t-shirt with a blue ox on it.  The squished penny will have to do.