Saturday, March 24, 2012

That Makes Three

Joshua and I were very excited to see our sweet baby on Friday. Baby S will be arriving in late August. So much to do between now and then!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Not a single canopy bed in all of Good's Furniture. Quite disappointing.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fun Week!

As I've mentioned before, birthdays in our family last for an entire week. Mom and Dad got my week started with a beautiful flower arrangement on Monday. Mom usually thinks of this, but for some reason I was completely surprised. Fun!

Wednesday was my actual birthday, so after work Mom, Dad, Shaun, Bill, Joshua, and I went to Mexican. What can I say, queso fundido is a guaranteed way to make sure I have a happy birthday. There also were some delightful gifts: Old Maid cards and an adorable birdie platter from Shaun (hoping this can find a spot on a wall wherever we live next), Gushers and car decals from Bill (I LOVE GUSHERS), a very pretty summer shirt from Dad and Mom (not sure how that was left out of the picture, sorry! I will have to model it another day.), and Downton Abbey and cherry lime gum from Joshua. (Downton Abbey is a British soap opera set during World War I that I'm into right now.) I have such thoughtful family members.I'm hoping to find my final birthday gift today. Shaun and Bill are coming to pick me up to go to Good's Furniture in Kewanee. Bill is looking for a couch, and I'm looking for the canopy bed of my dreams. Ever since I saw one in the JC Penney's catalog around 1993, I've wanted one. Well, I'm looking today, and hoping to find the perfect one to be delivered after we move. Crossing my fingers!

In other news, the house preparations continue. Mom and Grandma came last week to paint the man cave. After three coats of primer and one of neutral paint, the deep green is gone. A new furniture arrangement, and it's a totally different place. Joshua is very sad and has declared it a cave no more (he is calling it the rumpus room), but everyone else agrees that it looks fantastic.

All I can say to Mom and Grandma is THANK YOU!!! I have no idea how those ladies cranked this project out in one day and were still smiling at the end. I so appreciate it!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ready for Spring!

Each year I look forward to the arrival of spring weather like no other season. While this year's mild winter weather has made me less... grouchy, I'm still excited for the sunshine and warmer temperatures.

Last weekend, we celebrated then end of February (my most-hated month) with a pizza party. Everyone was here, even Grandma Bev. We served Olive Garden salad, GF breadsticks, GF pizza, and deep dish pizza. Delicious! I forgot to take a few pictures during the party, but the party centerpiece has been making me smile all week.
In other news, Joshua and I had a date night on Wednesday to see South Pacific at the Civic Center. The tickets were purchased back in November as an anniversary gift, so I looked forward to it for months. We went out to dinner at Rizzi's before the show, and then went on the the theater. We had a good time, despite the late night and Joshua's tired state from being on service this month.
I think the last thing I have to report on is the status of the house. Dad made a professional flyer for me with financing options. It will be perfect to put along with a second page that describes the house in a bit more detail. Also, Mom and Grandma are coming on Thursday to paint the man cave a more neutral color. I know Joshua will be sad to see the Bond Lake green go. This morning at Wal Mart I bought two cans of Kilz primer and am crossing my fingers that it doesn't take more than that. Such a dark color, that Bond Lake green. Finally, after getting after Joshua to pack up some clutter, I decided to take some of my own advice today. I packed the first tote, ready for storage. It did make me sad to think of moving out of my beloved split level. You can see from the picture background that not much of a dent was made in the crafting supplies. Good thing felt doesn't weigh much!