Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, Joshua and I dropped Forrest at Poppy and Gigi's house, and then hopped on a train to Chicago.  My friend Allison is getting married in Germany this summer, and it was time to celebrate!  She had an entire evening of entertainment planned, including fun times on a charter bus with the many other guests, a delicious dinner, a stroll through Millennium Park, and a show at Second City comedy club.  Sunday Joshua and I visited Lincoln Park Zoo and walked around seeing some sights.  Here are a few picture highlights.

We had a delightful time despite the gloomy weather and nearly two hour train delay getting back to Galesburg.  I already got another use out of my bridesmaid's dress from last month.  Forrest had a good time with Poppy and Gigi and didn't seem to miss me nearly as much as I missed him :0)  Success!

Best wishes Al and Vince!

Monday, May 27, 2013

9 Months!

And the best month yet!

What a busy, happy little boy we have.  Things we have learned this month:

All items in lower cabinets and drawers need to be Forrest-friendly.  After installing locks on the cupboard that holds the cleaning supplies, Joshua and I are as annoyed by them as Forrest.  So, all other cupboards are available (and enjoyed frequently!). 

After trying three times over the past months to complete the No Cry Sleep Solution method, we were at an all-time low, getting up every hour or hour-and-a-half.  So, the cry it out method finally brought us much-improved sleep.  I hated to do it, but was losing my sanity.  Our little family is better rested and happier :0)

My first Mother's Day was delightful.  Joshua and Forrest got me some beautiful flowers and an adorable red bud tree planted in the back yard.  I love looking out the window at it, and really need to get a picture with it and Forrest.  

Getting more daring.  He is moving more and more with less support on things.  He also is less fond of the walker now because it's more limiting than helpful.

Next stop, 10 months!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Better than Christmas!

Mom had some vacation days to use, so she spent last Wednesday evening through Sunday with us, with an appearance by Dad on Saturday to Sunday.  How fun to have a visitor during the week, and a visitor who loves to spend time with Forrest was fantastic!  So, while Jon G was entertaining Forrest, I made lots of progress on projects that have been in the works for far too long.  I painted a wall in my bedroom, worked on a headboard (exciting reveal coming soon), worked outside in my pathetic yard, cooked meals without an 8-month-old helper, and just enjoyed watching Forrest and Mom have fun together.

It was such a nice few days, and I was sad to see them end.  Seriously, more fun than Christmas :0)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Going to the Chapel!

Last weekend we celebrated Shaun and Bill's wedding.  I must say I was quite neglect in taking pictures, as their photographer seemed to be doing such a great job :0)  So, pictures will have to wait for about a month. It was a beautiful ceremony, with two joyful celebrations following, a more-traditional brunch and a bowling party later in the evening.  Can't wait to share some pictures in a few weeks!

Love you, Shaun and Bill!  Here's to many years of happiness.