Friday, July 26, 2013

11 Months!

Getting to be such a big boy!

Enjoying time with Aunt Mary.

Have we been robbed?  No, just some organizational help from Forrest.

Things we have learned this month:

Walking!  At ten months and two weeks, Forrest took off, and he hasn't looked back since.  I'm amazed at how quickly he moved from tentative steps to confident walking most places.  
We love parks!  So much to see and do.  With his new love of parks and more time spent on his feet outside, we've had to get creative with footwear.  I can't seem to find reasonably-priced shoes to fit his wide feet, so "sock-shoes" it is :0)
Bachelor time spent with Daddy is great!  Forrest and Joshua spent all last weekend together so I could visit my forever friend in Texas.  It was an adventure for all of us (blog post coming soon!).  Thanks, too, to Polly for watching Forrest on Friday.  
Playing in the sprinkler is wet fun.  We've had the sprinkler going a lot lately to keep our new sod healthy, and Forrest is always happy to help with this chore.  He never seems to mind being a little, or a lot, wet.
Next stop, one year!