Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween!

This year marked Forrest's first trick-or-treating experience.  We've been preparing for a few weeks. After campaigning for a costume of "Cuisinart ice cream maker with cat and rabbit spinning around," we finally settled on yellow m&m.  I just wasn't sure my creative skill could handle an operational appliance costume.

Despite the few raindrops, we had a very nice 15 minutes of trick-or-treating.  Forrest was ready to go home and enjoy his candy.  Yes, he did choose the one full-size bar that he was given.  Very exciting!

While we were busy trick-or-treating, Dad was working on installing a new swing in our garage.  It's called a Super Spinner (sort of a cross between a regular swing and a tire swing); it's a hit.  I haven't managed a good action shot yet, but we love it!  I'm looking forward to using it through the winter, given it's place in the garage rather than outside.  

We're a happy little family these days.