Monday, April 28, 2014

Anniversary Party!

Shaun and Bill have been married for a year now and decided to celebrate with another bowling party.  We had such a fun time!  Last year I was sick, and sleep-deprived, so I was glad to have a second chance to enjoy the festivities.  It turns out that the food was great, and the company was delightful.  Also, Forrest is a bowler at heart.  I should have guessed; carrying heavy things is one of his favorite pastimes.

This has me thinking that Joshua and I need to plan a party, maybe for our 10-year.  It's just around the corner!

In other news, yesterday was Forrest's first nap and night in his new low bed (twin mattress on the floor).  In preparation for sleeping in a real bed on our upcoming vacation, we thought it might be best to practice first.  Overall, it went very well.  It took him a while to fall asleep last night, but he didn't come out of his room.   We had a very early wake-up with him on the floor, but I'm considering it a success.  Overall, Forrest seems quite excited about his new spot.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hum Drum

It seems that the past few weeks have been hum drum around here, just pleasant routine with a nice trip to Orion thrown in.  So, rather than reporting on the past, I'm in the mood to think about the upcoming spring and summer.  Watching the grass slowly green up has me wishing for more sun and warmer days.  (We've even traded in the winter knit hat for something a little lighter!)  

So, we're waiting as patiently as possible and having a nice time along the way.  News with Forrest is that at 19 months, I'm declaring him potty-trained.  That's bold!  (We do still have accidents at times, but goodness, overall, it's exciting!)  He still loves all things with cords, especially kitchen gadgets, and the mixer is still his true love.  Really, if he could have the mixer and a pair of scissors (another favorite), he'd be the happiest boy in the world.  He's also enjoying puzzles, his tool set, blocks, and his foxes if made to choose an age-appropriate toy.  He's a joy to spend time with, charming us with his smile and antics.  We're still waiting for more speech/language emergence.  He has many words now, though very few of them sound like one would expect.  nana = dog, dits = mixer, dihdihdih = fox, dihzay = cheese, dihzhay = jeans... I could go on.  We'll get there.  Patience and interpretation in the meantime.  We're also continuing to enjoy our Montessori mornings each week.  It's great to get out and interact with others in such a lovely environment.  We have a few more weeks before we break for the summer.