Friday, July 22, 2016

Seven Months!

Yes, indeed, Letty Rose is seven months old.  That sounds old!  It was another delightful month with this sweet little girl.  Has there ever been such a happy baby?  Seriously, her little smiling face just asks to be kissed about a hundred times a day.

Notables from the past month:

Spending over a week with just me.  Joshua and Forrest headed to Wisconsin on their own.  I was really looking forward to some time with just Charlotte.  While it was great to have some time with her (and not cooking anything but TV dinners was awesome!), I missed Forrest and Joshua a lot.  Also, the Heart of Illinois Fair going on just past my backyard was awful.  Overall, not the greatest ten days.

Getting ready to crawl!  Charlotte is getting her tummy up off the floor and wanting to go, go, go.  Unfortunately, she only manages to slide backwards.  She'll get it one of these days.

Trying a few foods.  She's not too excited about it so far.  I'm hoping for a girl who will like to share some macaroni and cheese with her mama one day.

Sleeping!  A handful of nights, she has slept eleven or twelve hours without a peep.  Oh my!  Sleep is amazing, for Charlotte and for me.

We love you Charlotte!