Monday, May 30, 2016


The past weekend was full of family celebrations.  On Saturday, we joined together in honor of Grandma and Grandpa G's 60th wedding anniversary.  What an accomplishment!  Most were present for a lovely brunch in Annawan.  Why didn't we take any pictures?!

Sunday was back to Peoria to celebrate Baby William.  He will be joining Shaun and Bill's family in about four weeks, and we couldn't be more excited.  Shaun and Bill have been waiting for such a long time to welcome a new little person!  For this occasion, I did manage to take a few pictures.
We fit about 25 people into my house.  We were cozy, but it worked.  

What a blessed family we are!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

5 Months Old!

The good times keep rolling here at our house!  Yes, Charlotte is a rolling girl, which is always fun to see.  She enjoys things that make crunching sounds.  If only plastic bags were appropriate baby toys...  She still loves her Daddy and Forrest the best, although she has smiles for just about everyone.  What a happy girl!  She is beginning to take naps longer than 30 minutes, and nighttime sleep is going fine, just up once or twice.

Celebrating Charlotte's baptism.  She wore the gown Grandma Gryp made for me, Shaun, and Kati and slept through almost the entire service. 

Yes, we're happy people here, and starting summer break today.  Love it!