Monday, February 2, 2015

Ready for Changes

Well, the interview process is over; it was extensive!  We have decided that we will move back to Peoria this spring.  Although it's hard to leave Monticello, I did love Peoria while we were there.  I'm looking forward to living closer to things to do, shopping, and my family again.  Hopefully Forrest accepts the change easily.  I feel sad knowing that we are leaving his only home and family he loves to visit so much.

The plan is for Joshua to begin working in Peoria on March 31, staying with Shaun or Wes until Forrest and I can join him at the end of May when our school year is over.  We're hoping the sale of our home in Monticello is not too challenging, but truthfully, there are many for sale in our neighborhood, and I'm feeling quite nervous that we will get an offer.  Over the past several weeks, I've been working to get the house in great shape, so hopefully someone will want it!

A few pictures from the last weeks.

The love of the mixer continues, stronger than ever.  I'm not sure I'm going to be able to tear the red one away from him to give to Kati, as was the plan when we got the blue one for Christmas.

Who wouldn't want a house with this view?  Not to mention the amazing new deck railing that I installed in the middle of January, replacing the old, awful one.  Yes, I was quite proud of myself.  It was all me on a lovely 45 degree day (thank goodness!) and Mom watching Forrest while I worked.