Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sorry for My Abscence

It seems that the holiday season has gotten away from me. A combination of stocking-stitching (a record-number of orders in my esty shop!), lots going on at work, and time spent getting ready at home has kept me away from my blog. Here are some highlights from the past month.

Joshua's exciting Christmas gift to me was ruined by Mary at the Wireless Store. At the beginning of December, I received a voicemail that my iPhone was ready to be picked up. What!? So, I received that gift a bit early, and I am officially a trendy phone person. I'm still getting it all figured out.

Mom, Dad, Kati, and Ryan arrived for a Christmas weekend spent at our house in Peoria. Along with Mom and Dad came a bounce house! (Each year I put a couple of funny or unrealistic gifts on my list, such as peace on earth, two turtle doves, a bounce house, etc.) Yes, Mom and Dad really rented a bounce house. It was in my backyard for 24 hours, and the weather was so nice, we were able to bounce away. I'm sure my neighbors were curious.
Christmas Eve was spent relaxing (rather than stressing about snowstorms, as we have the past couple of years). We drove up to Geneseo to celebrate with Dad's family. This year was the first that the party hasn't been at Grandpa and Grandma's. Aunt Kathy hosted in her more spacious basement, a necessity with all the little ones running around these days. Things went very smoothly, and the macaroni and cheese I took along went over very well. We also had a chance to play Wii Dance Party game with Kylie for a few minutes. Too funny!

Christmas day was a gift extravaganza at our house. Mom and Dad outdid themselves, as always. Some of my favorites included an adorable red, curvy-handled umbrella (I don't love bland umbrellas), numbered glasses (modern, practical, and fun!), and some new knitting supplies. The fireplace also made it's Christmas debut on my TV; it's sure to be a cozy favorite for years to come.
Joshua, Shaun, Mom, and Ryan spent a large portion of Christmas afternoon assembling the Imperial Flagship, a massive Lego creation that Joshua was so excited to receive. Yes, Joshua loves Legos.
Grandma Norma and Grandpa Joe drove down to say hello later in the afternoon. It was nice to see them, and I was, once again, glad for the beautiful weather.

On the 26th, we celebrated Dad's 51st birthday. I always feel a little bad for the poor people who have birthdays so close to holidays. It just seems like they don't get the full celebration they deserve. Shaun made a red velvet cake, and we went out to dinner before taking Kati and Ryan to the airport.
Overall, a very enjoyable holiday. One thing that really became obvious was how much nice weather can improve everyone's moods and outlook. It was gorgeous, sunny, and in the 40s all weekend. Perfect! We did what we wanted to do and enjoyed each others' company. It was certainly one of the nicest Christmases.

On to the new year!