Sunday, March 24, 2013

Seven Months!

Seven months old, oh my!


The theme of Forrest's seven month was movement and independence.  Things we learned:

Who needs to crawl when you can creep on your stomach quickly!?  (Thank you, Dad, for installing the gate at the top of the stairs!)

An oscillating space heater is the best toy.  (Joshua and I don't necessarily agree...)

Starting to pull up, not too many injuries yet.  The crib has been lowered :0)

Loves taking drinks of water from a glass.  Too funny.

Loving when someone holds his hands to help him walk.  He's so anxious to be able to get around and into things, and yes, he knows exactly where he wants to go.

Who's ready for month eight?  Hopefully some warmer weather and time outside will happen.  (It's currently blizzarding, with 5-9 inches predicted.)