Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Project

One of my favorite childhood items was a small quilt that Mom made for me while she was pregnant.  I loved that thing, and slept with it for years.  So, in thinking about my own little baby, I decided a quilt was in order.  The last quilt I pieced and actually finished was back in high school, so it's been awhile.  Here's what I came up with.

I really am happy with how it turned out, which is surprising.  Usually the longer I spend on a project, the less likely I am to like to finished product, and let me tell you, this one took a while.  Lot's of shopping for the perfect coordinating fabrics, lots of piecing, and a crazy amount of hand quilting.  It was worth it!

Besides working on a few projects, Joshua and I have been trying to slow down a little and relax about all of this house business.  The buyers we had lined up decided that maintaining an older home wasn't for them, so they backed out.  Very frustrating, but we're trying to stay optimistic.  We're excited that we have found a lovely home in Monticello to buy... keeping our fingers crossed that everything continues smoothly until we close the third week of June.  

This coming week is my last at Roosevelt Magnet School.  I'm sad to go; it really has been a good school year.  As always, change is hard for me, but I know contentment with the new will be along shortly.  I'm looking forward to it!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rolling Right Along

Looking through the pictures on my phone reminded me that I never posted anything about Easter.  Sorry for the delay!  Joshua and I spent a lovely day at the farm with the family.  Everyone enjoyed delicious food, as always, and an afternoon in the sunshine flying kites.  How delightful!


Despite the strong winds and a broken kite or two, it was a beautiful day. 

In other news, house details keep trudging along.  After the initial whirlwind of finding buyers and accepting their offer, I am feeling bogged down by the slow details that now have to fall into place.  The last weeks have been spent completing inspections, and the further negotiations that happen after that.  We're also waiting on inspections for our hopeful new house in Monticello.  So much waiting for such big news!  

In the meantime, I have just under four weeks of school left, and things are going very well there.  I thought May would be extremely busy with last-minute IEP meetings, but the psychologist and social worker are so far behind that many meetings that should be held in May are being pushed back until the new school year.  I feel bad for my replacement, but it's making for an easy last month for me.  (Much appreciated given the house, move, and baby details I'm ironing out.)

As for Baby S, things are going very well; we're at 24 weeks.  I still look pretty good (small belly only, not all that noticeable), and I'm feeling great.  I've started working on a few baby-related projects, but not much.  I'd rather not buy a bunch of things just to have to move them.  So, here's to living a clutter-free life for a little longer!