Sunday, June 1, 2014

An Adventure!

As agreed at Christmas, we took our family vacation last week.  (Fewer presents from Dad and Mom in exchange for some quality time together.)

We boarded a plane on Sunday night headed for Phoenix to visit Kati and Ryan.  They've been there five years now, so it seemed time for Shaun and I to see her.  The flight out was great; Forrest slept on Mom for most of it and settled right into bed when we arrived.  Over the next three days we did some sight-seeing in the area and enjoyed the house we rented.
Our first stop was the Dessert Botanical Gardens for a family picture.  I think this group shot turned out pretty well, considering we from Illinois were in mild shock given the 100+ degree temperature at 9:00 in the morning.

Forrest wasn't so impressed and just wanted to gulp water.  Not sure I want this photo gracing my mantel for the next year...

After that outing, some cool-down time in the pool was needed.  Our house had an amazing pool!  (The house itself was wonderful, too; an upgrade after our scheduled house had a broken air conditioner.)

We do love a good ice cream treat :0)

Dad, Joshua, Shaun, and Bill enjoyed the scenery from a hot air balloon one morning.  

After visiting a train park with Mom and Joshua, I've finally convinced Forrest to wear the adorable engineer hat Mom got for him.  I'll have to get a picture one of these days.  (As you can see, his straw fedora has seen better days.)


While everyone else spent a day boating on Lake Pleasant, Mom, Forrest, and I braved the traffic and made our way to the Children's Museum.  What a fun place!  We spent nearly five hours playing!

Overall (and not counting the not-so-fun flight home), we had a great trip.  Thanks, Kati and Ryan, for hosting us in your home town!  We'll visit again :0)