Monday, March 30, 2009

Thanks for the Ejukashin

Yesterday the family celebrated the end of college tuition payments. My parents have made great sacrifices over the past ten years to ensure their daughters have college educations. This month was the official last payment to Kati's university, so we thought we should celebrate the occasion.
Vanilla Bean Counter was in charge the food, and she did a spectacular job, as always. The main dish was a delicious sesame chicken with lots of tasty appetizers.I was in charge of making the piggy bank piƱata and table decorations. Unfortunately the hanger broke before we got a chance to swing at it. So, the broken pig became a centerpiece rather than an activity. I chose to laugh instead of cry.Kati was in charge of bringing Little Puppy Maia, the entertainment for the afternoon. Overall, a fun day and a worthwhile celebration, especially for my dear mother, a lady who worked so her daughters could have the education that wasn't an option for her. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today I had a very fun surprise. It was my last day working at the hospital! The next job I have, I think I'll get a paycheck. Sounds like a good deal to me. Until then, I'm relaxing and crafting.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Home, Sweet Home

Joshua and I began our home search yesterday with some success. We looked at eight houses, and here are the top two. They really couldn't be more different.

An adorable two story, brick cape cod. I love it! It's close to downtown and in an older part of Peoria.

- So cute
- Lower price
- Wood floors on the main level
- Great size

- Guest bathroom in the basement, guest bedroom on floor two
- Kitchen that needs new floor and counter top
- Current owners that seem to have "improved" things improperly

The second house is a bland split level in a quiet subdivision.

- Ready to move-in
- All new carpet with new laminate in the kitchen and dining room
- In Dunlap schools (important when we want to sell it)
- Master bathroom

- Not charming at all
- Strange triangle-shaped yard
- Pricey

Would I be happy in either house? I think so. Am I going to keep looking? I think so.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Match Day

Today was the long-awaited match day, the day when all our dreams come true, when we find out Joshua's residency placement.

Only our dreams didn't come true.

We're moving to Peoria.

It could be good. Although now we have to get our German Shepherd, Heidi. Peoria's very ghetto-y. I can't live there without a dogger.

I'll get used to the idea.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

24th Birthday, Over

I must say, my 24th birthday ended up being one of my best.

1. My Praxis test was great. I feel really good about it.

2. I'm ready to begin my daily yoga routine. I've been wanting to try it because I think it could help me relax; I'm a little high-strung. Joshua got me a book and dvd. My parents got me a yoga mat, and my mother-in-law got me some lovely yoga apparel. Now, hopefully I like yoga.

3. Vanilla Bean Counter was very thoughtful and gave me a pretty plum-colored shirt with birdies. I just love birdies.

4. Joshua and I had lunch with my family after the Praxis, and everyone actually like the food. Thank goodness! Going out to dinner is always tricky with the family.

5. I finally found an interview outfit, a super-cute hot pink jacket with black pants and a black and white shirt. I'm pleased with it, and the jacket fits. I didn't think that would ever happen.

A very nice day, indeed.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Birthday Girl, That's Me

Today was unexpectedly a great day.

1. Tomorrow is my birthday.

2. I got a very nice little gift from the ladies at work with an assortment of candies, including white chocolate Lindor balls, my favorite.

3. Jon G. sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers to me at the hospital from the entire family, including little puppy Maia. I love that dog.

4. Jon G. and and Scott-o sent me a birthday card with a kitty. They usually do, and those silly cats just make me smile.
5. My supervisor is reducing my 12-week externship sentence by one week. Only two weeks to go!

6. I got to come home at 4:00.

7. I used some birthday money to go out to dinner with my Joshua. Ginger Asian Bistro cheesy rangoons are delicious.

So, a good day today. Hopefully a good day tomorrow. Wish me luck on my Praxis test.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mopey Mandi, No More

#1 Okay, so the test wasn't great; it's time to quit moping.

#2 I had a request for a custom order on Toodle-ooo, which is quite fun. Here's the result, a little giraffe with an Arabic label. I love it!

#3 It's officially my birthday week, and so far I've received two lovely gifts. The first was a stack of 71 colors of felt from my dear husband. He's so bad at keeping surprises and just had to give me one early gift. 71 colors of felt! Can you even imagine all the cutting fun just waiting to be had?
The second gift was a beautiful set of note cards from my forever friend. The cards are made by hand by women in Bangladesh trying to make a living. Super cute, and working to save the world. It's a very nice birthday so far, my 24th.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Is Here!

Okay, so it's 27 degrees today. Maybe not quite spring, but I've been waiting anxiously to put up my lovely new spring door decoration created by my dear mother. She's such a good gal. I've told myself for the past two weeks that I had to wait until March 1. So, the flower arrangement has been put on the door, and now spring will be here in no time, right?