Friday, April 13, 2012


Life has been flying along at an incredible pace the past couple of weeks, I don't even know where to begin!

Last week I was on spring break, and Joshua took the week of as well. We went down to Monticello on Monday to look at houses. Our grand plan of *just looking* and *probably renting* quickly turned into, we want to buy! It's nice to have something to call your own. So, filled with that excitement, we came home and cancelled our trip to Chicago in favor of getting the house on the market a week early before Easter weekend.

I put the house on, Craigslist, put an ad in the paper for the weekend, and signs in the yard on Wednesday around lunch. We had our first showing that evening around 5:30 (with a few more showings in the next few days), and tonight we signed the contract with the buyers, also the first people to look at the house! Oh my! I sold my house in nine days! We like the couple who are buying it, are happy with the price, and are thrilled to not have to worry about paying two mortgages! (Lots of exclamation points, I know!) The funny thing is, of all my expensive advertising, the couple found the house on Craigslist - completely free.
(Our sign at the corner of War Memorial)

We'll close on July 16, so here's hoping inspections and financing go smoothly between now and then. Also hoping Joshua and I can make a decision on where we're going to live :0)