Thursday, September 3, 2015

Back to School

Despite the temperatures in the nineties this week, it seems that the end of summer has arrived.  I hate to say goodbye, but I am ready to settle in.  Change is not my best thing (yes, I did know that already.), but it's felt like a rough couple of months.  Our move from Monticello was bittersweet.  It's been hard living in a temporary place that I dislike.  I'm ready to for the fall and for transition to be done.

Forrest started school two weeks ago, our first time separating.  He seems to be adjusting pretty well, no tears from either of us.  I'm still adjusting to not knowing what he's doing all morning, but I'm getting there.  

We finally found a house that looks like it will work.  The inspection was just this morning, and it went well.  Hopefully in three weeks we will be moving into something to call our own.  I'm so ready!  It's time to put the bins and boxes away and find spots for everything.  There's also the job of getting ready for our next little baby to join us in early January.  Yes, indeed, it's time to get settled.