Thursday, December 17, 2015

Forrest Update

It's probably just me, but it seems that it's been awhile since we just had a nice Forrest post.  (Yeah, it's just me...)

Forrest continues to grow and learn in ways that make us smile daily.  He's been at the Montessori School since the end of August, and though he would still rather stay home, he's comfortable there.  I had the opportunity to observe him at work a few weeks ago, which was so nice.  I miss seeing him at school after being his toddler classroom assistant in Monticello.
Here he is working on matching sandpaper letters, his current passion.  After over two years of kitchen appliance love, he has moved on to letters and numbers.  He's consumed!

Besides becoming quite the scholar, Forrest's speech skills are finally beginning to clear up.  My goodness, he's kept me waiting such a long time!  Within the last two months I've had his hearing tested and his speech and language screened.  His hearing is normal, and besides a couple of remaining odd-ball speech errors, he's doing so well.  So, here's to being patient and trusting of the development he is doing. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Five Weeks!

And here we are, December 1, with five weeks to go until Charlotte Rose arrives, or so we think.  Babies have minds of their own; I did learn that lesson well with Forrest.  Since moving into our new house at the end of September, we've been busily and happily settling in.  Things are starting to move into the comfortably "done" stage, I think.  There are projects I would like to do still, but nothing feels missing, really.  After six weeks of no furniture in the living room, our new couch, chair, and la-z-boy recliner arrived.  We are comfortable!  And just this morning, I finished things up in Charlotte's room.  Here are a few pictures.
Yes, a twin mattress on the floor in addition to the crib (Aunt Kathy's this time around) was a must.  Too many nights trying to doze in the chair in Forrest's room made that an easy decision.  Also, it was great being done with Forrest's crib at an early age.  Hopefully we can transition to the low bed early with Charlotte as well. Traveling is so much easier when we aren't dependent on cribs.
 Ah, the blue chair!  I love it!  Before I graduated college a hundred years ago, Mom and Grandma got two of these chairs and the ottoman at an auction for five dollars.  I reupholstered them in ivory, and we've enjoyed them since.  Well, eight years later, the ivory was looking rough, so something new was in order.  I must say, redoing the chair and ottoman (the other chair is still ivory and in Forrest's room), was a project, and not really my favorite, but I do love the result.

Thanks to cousin Abby, Charlotte's closet is full, and the little wooden hangers make me smile every time I see them!  Yes, I think we're as ready as we're going to be for this next chapter.  Hoping the next few weeks pass smoothly!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween!

This year marked Forrest's first trick-or-treating experience.  We've been preparing for a few weeks. After campaigning for a costume of "Cuisinart ice cream maker with cat and rabbit spinning around," we finally settled on yellow m&m.  I just wasn't sure my creative skill could handle an operational appliance costume.

Despite the few raindrops, we had a very nice 15 minutes of trick-or-treating.  Forrest was ready to go home and enjoy his candy.  Yes, he did choose the one full-size bar that he was given.  Very exciting!

While we were busy trick-or-treating, Dad was working on installing a new swing in our garage.  It's called a Super Spinner (sort of a cross between a regular swing and a tire swing); it's a hit.  I haven't managed a good action shot yet, but we love it!  I'm looking forward to using it through the winter, given it's place in the garage rather than outside.  

We're a happy little family these days.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A New View!

I'm so excited to be typing from our new home!  We've been here for about two weeks now, and it's lovely.  We bought a nice split level in a neighborhood not far from Forrest's school, just what I had in mind.  You'll remember that the last time we lived in Peoria, we had a split level.  What can I say?  The layout just works for me - a nice ranch on top with a family room and large garage below.  This time around, the house is mostly updated with just a few things I want to change.  I'm sure I'll be writing about that as time goes on.  For now, I'm enjoying the view out the front window onto many fall trees in the neighborhood and in the distance.  I'm feeling so peaceful about our spot!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Back to School

Despite the temperatures in the nineties this week, it seems that the end of summer has arrived.  I hate to say goodbye, but I am ready to settle in.  Change is not my best thing (yes, I did know that already.), but it's felt like a rough couple of months.  Our move from Monticello was bittersweet.  It's been hard living in a temporary place that I dislike.  I'm ready to for the fall and for transition to be done.

Forrest started school two weeks ago, our first time separating.  He seems to be adjusting pretty well, no tears from either of us.  I'm still adjusting to not knowing what he's doing all morning, but I'm getting there.  

We finally found a house that looks like it will work.  The inspection was just this morning, and it went well.  Hopefully in three weeks we will be moving into something to call our own.  I'm so ready!  It's time to put the bins and boxes away and find spots for everything.  There's also the job of getting ready for our next little baby to join us in early January.  Yes, indeed, it's time to get settled.  

Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Forrest!

We've been celebrating Forrest's third birthday since last weekend, and what a fun time it's been!  Between a party in Monticello and Orion and a celebration at home, this little boy knows what a birthday is about.

So much growing and learning this past year!  Right now, Forrest still loves all kitchen gadgets.  (I keep waiting for this to pass...)  One of his favorite activities is going to Goodwill to shop with Gigi; he always comes home with a new appliance.  Between our house and Poppy and Gigi's, Forrest has five coffee makers, five ice cream makers, two blenders, two food processors, two mini choppers, four stand mixers, and I could go on.  It really is funny.  For his birthday, Grandpa Butch and Grandma Janet passed along a vintage play kitchen, which Forrest is very excited about.  He also still enjoys puzzles, Legos, and reading books.  Pinwheels are another fascination the past few months.  We enjoy going on walks with his balance bike and finding pinwheels in people's yards.  Our own collection of pinwheels has grown to five.  They are fun to look at...

Forrest is an intelligent and curious little boy who wants to know how things work.  He has many ideas that he enjoys sharing and is quite the conversationalist for those of us who understand him!  (We're planning to pursue a speech evaluation this fall through the school district.)  He is loving and enjoys snuggling up to read a book or watch a Youtube video on appliance use or repair.  I can't believe three years have passed, and Forrest's growing independence and sense of his own identity is such a source of pride and joy.  

We love you, Forrest!  Happy birthday!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Michigan 2015

Shaun has grown to love time spent on Lake Michigan, so she invited us to join her and Bill at a lake house this summer.  We packed the car and made the drive two weeks ago and were not disappointed.  We had lovely weather all week (important for a beach vacation) and enjoyed the sights that Muskegon area had to offer.

 The sand really is amazing.  Sand castles and digging were so much fun.  The disappointment in our sandbox sand when we get home was too bad.
Forgive the plaid shorts and orange striped shirt.  Sometimes Forrest has a sense of style all his own, and really, if you check out my hair in the first picture, I have no room to talk!

Forrest spent a lot of time on the tire swing.  Poppy is currently working on installing one in Orion. 

A dollar pool game lasts much longer than most other dollar items Forrest wants. 

And now vacation season is over, just like that.  August is here, and Forrest's school year begins in just two weeks.  I'm not ready...  Can we just slow down, at least until we find a house and settle in?  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wisconsin 2015

Last week we made the drive up to Wisconsin for a little relaxation in the sun.  With the promise of a lovely day and driving made easier during sleep time, we left at two in the morning!  We were in our suits and enjoying the water by lunch.

This year proved to be an eventful trip.  Forrest wasn't very interested in the water due to a current dislike of wet swim trunks - he's a skinny-dipper at heart.  However, he had plenty of fun on the trampoline, playing with Grandma's appliances, and even on the boat for some short rides.  Joshua and I had plenty of time to soak up some sunshine.  It was such a wet June in Illinois, that we haven't been outside nearly as much as we would like.

Besides beach time, Joshua looked at a few lake houses both on his grandparents' lake and on the neighboring lake.  He's had a dream in his heart for decades of owning his very own place up there, and it seems that things are coming together for him.  A couple of months ago, during a moment of frustration over our Peoria house search, he changed his search to Wisconsin.  A new little house had just come on the market on Whitefish Lake, just down the road from his grandparents and his favorite lake in the area.  The house is small, two bedrooms and one bath, but completely remodeled and beautiful with lovely lake views.  If all goes smoothly, it will be ours at the beginning of September.  Yes, I'm still shaking my head that we're buying a vacation house before we buy a year-round house, but when opportunity knocks...  Joshua is thrilled.

14848 S Whitefish Lake Rd, Gordon, WI 54838 - MLS#: 889418
14848 S Whitefish Lake Rd, Gordon, WI 54838 - MLS#: 889418
So, we're buying a lake house and still looking for a home here in Peoria.  I'm trying to be patient, but failing most days.  We're struggling with wanting an older, established neighborhood with trees and a central location but not wanting to do much remodeling.  We're just not very handy people.  The search continues.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Professional Pics!

Photos from Kati and Ryan's lovely day are in, and I've finally chosen my favorites.  Blessings to Kati and Ryan as they begin their married life!