Sunday, September 16, 2018

Happy First Birthday!

We celebrated Jonathan's first birthday on Friday.  We were so happy to have family over for dinner on the driveway.  There was plenty of food and lots of smiles.  We love our little boy!


No thank you to the birthday cupcake.  Please pass another chicken tender!  Seriously, wouldn't do more than squish his cake.  What a goof.  

At one year old, Jonathan has taken his first steps.  He is so proud to walk short distances, usually from a piece of furniture to me or Joshua.  He has five teeth, with the sixth coming any day.  He is getting to be a better sleeper, usually just one fit during the night and up at 5:00 to eat.  We're getting there!  He's still the happiest boy you've ever met.  He loves to laugh and has a delightful sense of humor.  He and Forrest are buddies; hope that lasts!  He loves to be outside; coming in usually inspires some protests.  His favorite foods continue to be yogurt, ice cream, and toast.  Maybe some day he will eat fruit and vegetables?

Yes, it's been a year of growing and learning for all.  There's something about a baby's first year that makes some moments last an eternity, yet months pass by in a blink.  It's hard to understand how that works.  With that said, we're certainly a comfortable and happy group.  What a blessed family we are!

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