Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy Birthday and Happy Christmas!

Maybe someday I'll be organized enough for Charlotte's birthday to have a post before Christmas?  Well, not this year.  Sorry, little girl!

We celebrated Letty Rose's special day with family and a lasagna lunch.  As expected, the weather did not cooperate, and about half of our guests couldn't make it.  It really was okay because giant birthday parties really aren't what one-year-olds love anyway.  Olive Garden made lasagna, and I made cupcakes.  Shaun and I have decided that catering is the way to go sometimes.  When the point is food, make fancy food.  When the point is to join in celebration, go for catering.  It's delicious and saves so much on the busyness that can distract from the enjoyment of the gathering.  The cupcakes I enjoyed making and decorating with edible rice paper butterflies from England.  They were beautiful! Yes, the day was enjoyed.

Happy birthday, Charlotte Rose!

After the party, it was right on to planning Christmas, which was at our house this year.  We, of course, celebrated Christmas Eve near Atkinson.  No planning there, thanks to the aunts.  Christmas day we hosted the grandparents, Mom and Dad, Kati and Ryan, Shaun, Bill, and Will.  Shaun and I made beef tenderloin, baked potatoes, rolls, green bean casserole (fancy version, delicious!), with pumpkin pie and raspberry cake for dessert.  I was quite pleased with the cake, which was made for Dad's birthday.  (Good intentions were interrupted by a birth last year.)

Forrest was excited for his gifts, and as always, Charlotte was excited for whatever Forrest was doing.  The highlights for Forrest this year were a USA floor puzzle, "pillow with handles," 3M wall mounting stickies, and countries of the world 100 piece puzzle.  The kiddo is into geography right now, seriously into it.  
Thanks, Shaun, for the Christmas pajamas!

Christmas card photo taken back in November.

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