Tuesday, November 22, 2016

11 Months

We're closing in on one-year-old, and we're loving life.  It's been a beautiful fall with lots of lovely weather and activities with Charlotte and Forrest.  Here's what she's been up to.

Yes, our little Letty Rose is as charming as ever and busy as can be.  She loves spending time near Forrest and is on the go.  No longer is she content to be held when there is something that needs to be investigated.  She's also not so interested in two naps each day.  Are we moving to one-nap-a-day already!?  (Forrest did at 11 months.)  She still enjoys meal times; her favorite foods haven't changed, but she does continue to add new foods to her menu, like apple cores, crunchy Cheerios, and prunes.

We love our little girl and are happily planning a sweet butterfly-themed birthday party in a month!  Hard to believe!

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