Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Spring in Winter

We've been having temperatures in the fifties and sixties the past few days.  That's reason for celebration in February!  (I do need to figure out how to cover the tulips that are coming up, though.)  We've certainly been taking advantage with plenty of time spent outside.

We celebrated Will's baptism on Sunday.  You'll notice that Charlotte is wearing a pink dress, my first serious sewing project in a long time.  The fabric was a tablecloth from Grandma Norma's bridal shower.  Yes, a very sweet dress that has been worn twice already.

Today Charlotte turned 14 months old.  She is as cheerful as ever, ready to laugh, smile, and join in group fun.  She says Daddy, hi, Gigi, cheese, and this.  She's not walking yet but is getting braver about standing on her own with big grins.

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