Wednesday, August 15, 2018

11 Months

Little J. Scott is 11 months!  What else can be said about this happy little boy that I haven't been saying for the past 11 months?  Jonathan brings such joy to our family with his sweet disposition, joy, smiles, and laughter.  During the past month, he has continues to grow and develop his adorable little personality.  He still loves Mommy the best, but Forrest and Daddy are favorites as well.  He and Charlotte seem to get in each other's way!

Sleep can still be a challenge for Jonathan.  Yep, I'm still feeding him each night and telling him to go back to sleep at least one other time, but we're doing okay.  He and I have graduated from our basement bedroom up to the main floor, and he is now able to put himself to sleep in the evenings and often for naps without big fits.  We'll take progress as it comes!

Besides spending time with me, Jonathan's favorites include playing silly games with Forrest, eating macaroni and cheese, taking baths with Charlotte, and playing in the sandbox. 

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