Saturday, May 19, 2018

8 Months

J. Scott has turned 8 months old!  During the past weeks, he has decided that he's a boy on the move.  He is constantly pushing the limits of his scooting and climbing skills.  He loves pulling up to his knees and bouncing.  He can crawl but still prefers to scoot on his tummy.  (That's so much faster!) 

For a few days Jonathan was babbling with /d/ and /b/ but seems to be over that.  Why, oh why, do my children get to speech and language milestones in their own time? 

What else is new?  One little tooth has poked through! 

The rest seems to be the same, one happy boy who loves to smile, laugh, play, spend time with family, and be up all through the night. 

We love him!

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