Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wisconsin Dells

Last weekend we hopped in the van for our 2nd annual trip to the Wisconsin Dells with Poppy, Gigi, Shaun, Bill, and Will.  We once again stayed at the Great Wolf water park and had a great time!  This year Forrest was old enough to be very independent in the water, though he did still want to spend a lot of time with Gigi.  They've been buddies for a long time now.  Charlotte had so much fun in the kiddie areas, splashing and floating.  Jonathan wasn't too sure about the water but was very happy to just be held and watch the action.

 Paul Bunyan's restaurant for breakfast is a childhood memory of Poppy's.  We weren't disappointed.  All-you-can-eat, family-style is the way to go!  I was a little sad that there was no souvenir t-shirt with a blue ox on it.  The squished penny will have to do.

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